Play Solipskier.

Solipski on your phone.


Click and hold the left mouse button to paint snow. The skier will do tricks if you let go of the button while airborne.


Draw snow under Solipskier to gain speed, do tricks and hit bonus gates. Avoid the jump chasms and red gates and tryto get the highest score you can! Share scores with your friends to see who's the best.


Try drawing long downslopes with short inclines on the end to gain speed and neccessary altitude (for higher gates).

If you pass through a green gate while airborne you'll get a multiplier and speed boost. The faster you go the more points you will rack up.

Mini Reviews

"Great sound FX, really cool graphics and the gameplay is excellent!"

~Jesse Wallace

"This game is astonishing in its freshness!"

~Tiny Collossus

"Such a solid and fun game! I really love every aspect of this game."

~Hybrid Mind

"This game was 100% fun."

~Hard Circle



Universal App

Solipskier is available for the iPhone/iPad as a universal application no matter how many devices you want to put it on. It's also now available for all Android mobile devices. We will not stop until we conquer every mountain on Earth!

We've put a lot of time and love into this game and we hope you dig it. Check out the links on the left there to get the game on your phone.