Solipskier 1.2 submitted to Apple

Ahoy! First off. Things have been really great with the release of Solipskier. The response from everyone from the App Store to the Kongregate comments has been more than we ever hoped for. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped us in any number of ways. We’ve got some things up our sleeve from the development of the game as well as interesting figures and stats to share eventually but for now we’ve been focusing on porting to other mobile devices as well as pushing out a 1.2 update based on great feedback from you kind folks.

The biggest thing we’ve heard back has been in regards to post partem depression caused by losing your headphones. That’s cool! We’re glad you dig the music so much, so now in the settings menu on your device you can turn on “Sticky Headphones”. You can also throttle the volume of the music and sound in there as well if you want to listen to your own tunes while you ski.

Also, some folks have been reporting crashes on iOS4 in specific cases of jumping in and out of the app. We’ve fixed those to the best of our ability so things should run smoothly on that front. We’ve also had some requests for facebook/twitter support via OpenFeint for score sharing. We’re totally into that, so we put that right in the end-game menu. Finally, speaking of OpenFeint, we’ve fixed the Top Speed leaderboard so that should be working as of this update.

Well that about covers it, please keep the feedback coming in. Supporting those that support us is very important to us. Just in case the long-winded prose was not your thing, here’s a short-form list of the new features/fixes:

  • Sticky Headphones (via settings menu)
  • Sound and Music volume control (via settings menu)
  • iOS4 crash/stall bug fixes
  • Facebook/Twitter support (via OpenFeint)
  • Fixed and replaced Top Speed leaderboard (via OpenFeint)

We hope you guys like the new changes and please continue with the feedback, it’s very helpful. Eventually we will be coming with another update that we’re currently planning, but probably not until we square away porting Solipskier to some other mobile devices.


Hibernation complete. Now for a big stretch and an update.

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve made any updates to our website or told anyone about what’s really going on with us [in a non-cryptic way] but today that all changes. While we first showed off 4fourths for Gamma a handful of months ago, we’ve got two projects hot out of the oven that are much further along. One is even ready for consumption very soon, on thursday in fact! It’s called Solipskier and you will be able to play it in your browser or on your iPhone!

It’s been a long time coming, for the last few months we’ve been holding our breath on releasing this game because we wanted to release the flash version simultaneously with the iPhone version. This is our first port of any kind but luckily we know a really talented programmer by the name of Joe Bergeron who has been leading the charge on the iPhone port. Joe worked on the server portion of Dinowaurs with us a few years back when we were at intuition but since has moved to warmer weather in Florida and a full-time job. It’s definitely been challenging porting the game and balancing working on another game [see below] in the meantime, but we’re glad we did it this way, if we hadn’t it would have felt like another opportunity to capitalize slipping through our fingers.

The next step for Solipskier is to get her on to Android devices! Because Joe is super smart, these other ports shouldn’t take as long as the initial guy so look out for those relatively soon. Check out our twitter for updates or subscribe to the blog here and we’ll keep you posted with any mission critical reports.

We’ve also been working on finishing up another flash game, you may have heard of from little under a year ago, called Liferaft.
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