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Gasketball 1.0.3 now with Roboballin’ 101 Free!

Roboballin’ 101, 25 new levels, are now available for free! You’ll need to get all gold stars in The Fieldhouse to unlock it for free. We’ve also unlocked all the items for use in Practice mode so you can poke … Continue reading

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Gasketball 1.0.2

This is coming in a bit late since this update went live a couple days ago, but it’s important everyone knows that HORSE is up and running now if you update to 1.0.2 (the latest version). This hot fix mostly … Continue reading

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Gasketball 1.01 Patch Update

NEW WARNING FOR NEW UPDATE! We fixed the bug warned about below, the NEW NEW update will be hitting the store any minute, the version number is 1.02. ┬áThis should fix the insta-crashing many players were encountering on first tapping … Continue reading

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Introducing Gasketball

It has been over 365 days since we posted something here. Clearly, keeping you all up to date is not our greatest strength. I guess we like to keep the curtain drawn and avoid dashing hopes. Over the past year, … Continue reading


Solipskier through the ages

During the development of Solipskier, we kept around a dozen or so versions that we would occasionally show to other developers for feedback on where the game was going. Because of this, we still have these versions and we thought … Continue reading


Solipskier just got nominated in the IGF for “Best Mobile Game”

Wow. We’re completely floored, still reeling from the initial shock that we’re nominated. The IGF has been something we’ve aspired to be a part of for years, even before our career started at intuition. It feels very surreal that it’s … Continue reading

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Indie iPhone Holiday Sale! Solipskier is now 99cents!

Solipskier is 99cents now! Get it while it’s ice cold and snowy. A handful of us indies have banded together under the roof of in an effort to raise money for Child’s Play, a charity that gives kids stuck … Continue reading

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Solipskier Available on Android Right Now!

It’s finally here and it’s $2.99. Get it today, right here if you have a barcode scanner app. Otherwise just check it out directly on your device by searching Solipskier. If you’re new here and you don’t know what Solipskier … Continue reading


2 Months of Solipskier App Store Sales

Last post we broke down some of the game stats, but those are never as juicy as the $$$$! So here’s all the details on the revenue generated from Solipskier for the first two months. While we continue to make … Continue reading


Solipskier Robots Report 1st Month’s Findings

We put some friendly robots inside of Solipskier to help us track what players were up to while Solipskiing their lives away. Some of this data is interesting for players; and other parts of it, for developers. There’s something for … Continue reading