Gasketball 1.01 Patch Update


We fixed the bug warned about below, the NEW NEW update will be hitting the store any minute, the version number is 1.02.  This should fix the insta-crashing many players were encountering on first tapping a new turn of HORSE mode.  Please let us know if you encounter any more issues!

We will also be re-enabling compatibility with 1.0 versions of HORSE games, so everyone should be able get their current games going again :)

Thanks so much for being patient while we try, and sometimes mess up, to make you a better Gasketball!


We have noticed a huge bug in this update with horse. We are submitting a patch to this new version immediately that will fix this. We are only able to update as fast as Apple allows. The bug exists specifically in HORSE when your opponent does not allow use of their twitter name. This is obviously a mistake, we want anyone to play regardless if they allow their Twitter name to be used or not.

We’ve also fixed it so that 1.0 players will only play with 1.0 players for the time being. This should reduce the collateral damage of this bug until we can get a fix uploaded. Thanks for your patience, we feel awful.

Hey folks!

We’ve spent the last few days toiling over a patch update that will fix a few major issues that were uncovered with the release build. Give a big thanks to Joe Bergeron who, while sick with the flu, spent three straight 16 hour days working on this build with us. We love you, Joe and we couldn’t do it without you.

If you were having problems with crashing (iPad1 especially) that should be much less frequent now. If you had problems with purchasing an IAP and it not showing up as unlocked, that is fixed now.

What’s new in the update?

  • Fixed IAPs appearing like they weren’t purchased
  • All IAPs consolidated into a single $2.99 unlock all option*
  • Streamlined user menu, button on title screen
  • Twitter integration in horse and single player
  • Tweaks to robot behavior
  • Stability improvements on older generation iPads especially


If you purchased any of the 99c packs, even a single one, you now have the whole game unlocked. Enjoy the savings! :)

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