Gasketball 1.0.2

This is coming in a bit late since this update went live a couple days ago, but it’s important everyone knows that HORSE is up and running now if you update to 1.0.2 (the latest version).

This hot fix mostly centered around a simple code change to make HORSE work in Gasketball so there aren’t any other changes to speak of.

We’ve noticed some bugs persist with IAPs not being redeemed properly and we do have a workaround for that until we get more data on that specific bug and get it ironed out.

If you are experiencing issues with your IAPs in Gasketball not unlocking, you can get get around this by reinstalling the app from the App Store. Upon reinstallation, you’ll see the full game unlocked, even if you just bought a 99c pack in 1.0. You will lose your game data (stars and scores in the first two free challenges) and we’re very sorry about that. Always feel free to email us at hello/at/ if you have any support questions. We will respond as promptly as possible.

There is also a bug happening in 1.0.2 where at a certain point in HORSE games, the shot will refuse to send and appear to revert to the state it was previously in before you played your turn. We are looking into this and hope to have it patched soon, but again if you are experiencing these issues, it would be very very helpful if you could send us a report of some kind with as much data about the game you experienced this in. With enough of these reports we will be able to fix this issue much faster. Again, email us at hello/at/ and we will greatly appreciate your report.

Thanks to everyone who is playing, you all rock the rock! :)

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