Introducing Gasketball

It has been over 365 days since we posted something here. Clearly, keeping you all up to date is not our greatest strength. I guess we like to keep the curtain drawn and avoid dashing hopes. Over the past year, we’ve gone through a bevy of prototypes, all of which at some point felt like The Next Game. But for one reason or ten, they didn’t become The Next Game.

But we’re surfacing to officially announce, with a video and a healthy amount of excitement our Next Game will be called Gasketball and it will be for iOS. We have been working on the game for maybe 8 or 9 months so far and will continue development for a bit longer until we’ve finished polishing and adding new features. But for the most part we’re confident that this game is going to be pretty fun.

So what is Gasketball? It’s a shot-matching game, not much unlike H-O-R-S-E, where you flick a basketball into the hoop in the same way as your opponent. The game will feature 1-on-1 online (and local) asynchronous multiplayer matches, single player challenges and other exciting mode(s) that we’ll keep secret for now. We plan on growing this game while it’s live on the store, so updates and additions will be frequent and meaty.

For a quick run through of how Gasketball is working so far, check out the video below.

Let us know what you think, if you have ideas for other objects or anything. We’ll keep updating on twitter and on the blog as development progresses. Thanks!

3 Responses to Introducing Gasketball

  1. Wow. There is way more stuff in there than I originally thought.

    When you send someone a level can they see your replay right off the bat? I imagine it would be fun looking at these strange and complicated levels wondering how the hell they ever got the ball in the hoop.

  2. Blair Simpson

    Hey, I was just wondering when you guys are going to be updating Solipski for iPod, I just bought the game (4th gen iPod) and the game won’t load and all I get is the background and the noise, no menu. Are you going to be fixing this anytime soon??

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