Solipskier just got nominated in the IGF for “Best Mobile Game”


We’re completely floored, still reeling from the initial shock that we’re nominated. The IGF has been something we’ve aspired to be a part of for years, even before our career started at intuition. It feels very surreal that it’s now come true.

First off. We want to thank Joe Bergeron, the badass who ported Solipskier to iOS for us. He did an amazing job and we can’t find one negative thing to say about him other than he should be indie! :) We love you Joe and this would have never happened without you.

Secondly. The is officially over. The wrapping paper has been recycled and it’s back to work in the doldrums of the unsale. BUT! In celebration of this awesomeness, we’re going to keep Solipskier on sale at 99c indefinitely. We’re not sure when we’ll put it back to 2.99, or if we even will. But you can be sure it’ll stay this way for at least today! :)

Solipskier is still on sale for 99c

Check it out! :)

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