Solipskier Available on Android Right Now!

It’s finally here and it’s $2.99. Get it today, right here if you have a barcode scanner app. Otherwise just check it out directly on your device by searching Solipskier. If you’re new here and you don’t know what Solipskier is, check out the flash version right now, for free!

UPDATE 2: We’ve made a good amount of fixes, the latest of those includes adding support for phones of with Android OS 1.6 and higher.

  • Fixed music issues
  • Shouldn’t FC on load on older OS versions
  • Home button now works to quit
  • Game locks out sleep mode
  • Minimized in-game crashing

Please report any bugs you encounter after the update and we’ll try and resolve those issues as soon as we can. :)

14 Responses to Solipskier Available on Android Right Now!

  1. JA

    Is anyone else having tons of trouble with the Android version? App FC’d more than once, music continues after app close, game is so slow it’s almost unplayable, inputs seem too jerky?

    • Mikengreg

      Yea we’ve noticed that too. We’re working on a patch that should be out pretty quickly here. Sorry about that. Hold tight and things should be running a bit smoother very soon. :)

    • brian

      It also force closes on me, Droid pro. Love the game though, eats my battery but idc :)

  2. davidvrj

    On the droid x, the only problem I’m having is that the music doesn’t stop when you close the game, but aside from its problems I’m glad it’s finally out

  3. bryan gyg jebavy

    Droid x stock 2.2 haven’t had any issues with fc or persisting music, but the control responsiveness/stuttering makes the game unplayable for the moment. All the same it’s good to see the game out for android and I’m looking forward to it running as intended.

  4. jj

    Whenever I back out of preferences on my SGS vibrant running 2.1, it goes white or black and I have. Sometimes it’ll get laggy but big thanks to Joe Bergeron for the port.

    $3 does seem a little steep compared to a lot of $.99 apps, especially as the flash version is free. I’d offer an ad supported version; you’d get a lot more downloads.

  5. jj

    *and when backing out of open feint high scores, I have to quit to reply again.

  6. Oskar

    Really addictive game, I really hope that you guys will fix so we can install it on the SD card. 10mb is a bit much for my Desire :)

    Keep up the good work!

    • Pete Godfrey

      Agreed, 10mb is taking a massive chunk of my htc desire – to be able to move to see would mean not having to remove this every time I need to update the os

      • Pete Godfrey

        (Oops I meant ‘move to sd’ – darn autocorrect!) and I forgot to mention how much I love this game too. The first app I ever paid for on my android, simply awesome!

    • SM

      I couldn’t agree more, it’s taking up at least 11MB on my Desire: I hope this get’s updated before the OS does otherwise I’m going to have to do a lot of uninstalls and reinstalls to clear the space!

  7. Antony

    I bought the game for my HTC Tattoo and it is unplayable. Why is it available on my phone when I go to the Android Market when you are not supposed to be able to buy apps not compatible with your handset? Please supply an update to get it working, or remove the HTC Tattoo from the list of available handsets and offer me a refund please. Thanks.

    Fucking awesome game BTW – I will continue to play online and will buy again when I get an upgrade!

  8. i am with these guys – please implement ‘move to sd’ so i can actually play this! it’s really fun, and it sucks that i had to remove it….

  9. Gaston

    Agreed. Beautiful game, fun to play but I have to say, its footprint is huge. Would love to see move to sd in the next update.

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