Hibernation complete. Now for a big stretch and an update.

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve made any updates to our website or told anyone about what’s really going on with us [in a non-cryptic way] but today that all changes. While we first showed off 4fourths for Gamma a handful of months ago, we’ve got two projects hot out of the oven that are much further along. One is even ready for consumption very soon, on thursday in fact! It’s called Solipskier and you will be able to play it in your browser or on your iPhone!

It’s been a long time coming, for the last few months we’ve been holding our breath on releasing this game because we wanted to release the flash version simultaneously with the iPhone version. This is our first port of any kind but luckily we know a really talented programmer by the name of Joe Bergeron who has been leading the charge on the iPhone port. Joe worked on the server portion of Dinowaurs with us a few years back when we were at intuition but since has moved to warmer weather in Florida and a full-time job. It’s definitely been challenging porting the game and balancing working on another game [see below] in the meantime, but we’re glad we did it this way, if we hadn’t it would have felt like another opportunity to capitalize slipping through our fingers.

The next step for Solipskier is to get her on to Android devices! Because Joe is super smart, these other ports shouldn’t take as long as the initial guy so look out for those relatively soon. Check out our twitter for updates or subscribe to the blog here and we’ll keep you posted with any mission critical reports.

We’ve also been working on finishing up another flash game, you may have heard of from little under a year ago, called Liferaft.

This installment is called Liferaft: Zero and it’s going to be a kind of prequel teaser to what the full game would eventually be about. One of the initial issues with Liferaft’s development was the overwhelming scope of the whole game, but with this version we’ve limited ourselves to a single screen for each level and focused on making compelling trial-based challenges that highlight the agility of the player and depth to the mechanics we’ve provided. In the game you can run, jump, wall-jump and grapple around to pull off some pretty fun stunts. We really love it and we hope you will too. We expect that to be released within a matter of weeks. Here’s a screenshot from the beta:

Finally, we still have 4fourths up our sleeve. We’re still working on figuring out where that’s going to be and how it will work out. These things traditionally take quite a lot of time, so we’re not expecting talks with various console higher-ups to speed up any time soon. The prototype and ensuing “full game” are still very much on our minds, but we have to be realistic with where we can put our energy and right now it’s best spent on doing what we know we can do now while we wait for 4fourths to materialize into something more. We get a lot of questions about it, and that’s an awesome sign, but for us to take it to consoles and create the game we really want to create, the path we’ll have to take to get there is very new to us and much much longer than we’re used to. Please be patient, it’s tough for us too! :)

Also. You should know, dear reader, that this blog won’t be about dry-ass updates like the 3 we just spouted above. We will be posting with decent frequency here exposing our process, talking about development and business issues/numbers and other ideas that we can’t sum up 140 characters or less. Stay tuned, it should be fun!

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  1. LeeC

    If you can’t be bothered to support the most widely used browser, then I see no reason to give you money. I hpoe the loss of a sale was worth it.

    • Mikengreg

      It was worth it. You’re wrong and your browser is wrong and you should feel bad.

      • Kris

        Umm… what? What browser is not supported? Firefox is most-used. I’m in firefox right now and it’s working fine…
        Not to mention that free games don’t earn a whole lot of money (I know, ads, but still)

        Anywaays, Mikengreg, awesome game and I’m looking forward to more. Awesome reply to that poster, too!

  2. Solipskier rocks MOUNTAINS! So says me, my seven-year-old daughter AND my three-year-old daughter. Looking forward to future instalments…

  3. all i have to say is WOW!!!
    Solipskier kicks ass so bad! perfectly crafted and very addictive game.
    nice gameplay, visuals and not to forget the soundtrack.

  4. Hey,

    Just played Solipskier today, and before that, honestly have never even heard of the game before. But after playing it, I can say it was a very unique, challenging, fun experience. Extremely well-crafted and everything about it is fun. The entire concept of painting slopes, hills, ramps, etc. is just awesome.

    By the way, any idea when Solipskier will be released on the Android platform? I don’t have an iPhone and just got a Droid X a few weeks ago(enjoying every second of it!) and would pay a lot of money for Solipskier for my Droid X!

    Okay, not THAT much money, but some money!

    Anyways…keep up the great work!

  5. D3m0N

    Solipskier is sooo addicting!! :D
    can’t stop playing it! I have a Htc and I can’t wait for the game to come to the Android Market!!!! Wheeeen is it coming???? :O

    Just wondering, are u guys going to make a second solipskier? It would be awesome with a customisation of the skier, more backgrounds and stuff :D just saying!
    Not complaining ^^


  6. I love the game, bought it for the iPhone, and feel good about the purchase.

    But shame on you for locking out the users of a web browser without even disclosing it on the page. I gave the game a writeup full of deserved praise (http://www.colonyofgamers.com/cogforums/showthread.php?t=19086), and some of the people who wanted to try it out based on that writeup couldn’t do so and didn’t know why.

    If you’d rather not let people using IE play your game, fine I guess – though you’d clearly be happy to take their money since you send them to the App Store. But at least put a message in there telling them why.

  7. Teresa

    I imagine they’re not supporting IE because it’s a pos and anyone using it as their ONLY browser should have their internet license taken away. BTW: Solipskier rocks my socks.

  8. Xearo

    Do you think fullscreen solipskier would be an option? solipskier: HD …that would rock! I love speed games like this, they are addicting. Would be nice if more were bigger

  9. Tor

    I’m really looking forward to the main installment of liferaft. theres an incomplete beta version out there that only leaves me wanting the full version, but how the hell do experimental portal-esque trials involving countless clones and overseeing scientists have anything to do with a future apocalyptic water world, giant purple squid beasts, and a girl (who looks like a clone from liferaft zero) who is trapped in an underwater cell/prison/pit thing for 20 years until a monster crashes down and opens a path for her to explore and all that… i’m sure you understand where i’m coming from. in other words, what the hell does liferaft zero have to do with the original liferaft?

  10. Nightfall

    I saw this game on ATOS (Attack of the Show)man i have to say im impressed after only playing a handful of time on my pc… but… yes but, an Android version would be way kool. Looking forward to seeing this addition in the future, hell if iphones can go to Verizon then solipskier can go to Droid, and blackberry, for that matter.
    Droid X

  11. Maren

    Stumbleupon+awesome game=need android app nao!

    Smack your programmer into delightful obedience for faster product completion!

    and then maybe give him some cookies and a head pat…..but ONLY if i receive this app posthaste!

    Love, a devoted gamer.

  12. Dude, release solipskier on the ds! I was playing it on the pc with my wacom pen and its a super rad experience. Awesome game.

  13. RICKKI

    Awsome game! I have been playing since August. Recently I have been experiencing a problem. When I am flying fast over 60 or 70 kph I have had the game seem to reset the speed to 1 kph and set the skier down. My score remains but I have had this happen often recently. I never had this before. Thanks!

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